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what is fintech?

FinTech is an emerging industry in which companies use technology to provide financial services in an efficient, agile, comfortable and reliable way. The word is formed from the contraction of the terms finance and technology in English.


FinTech companies offer a wide range of financial services and operate within several markets, providing both individuals and businesses with services and solutions.

At FinTech México we consider the following areas as the most relevant within the sector:

  • Payment methods and transfers. Payment platforms, e-commerce and international transfers.

  • Financial services infrastructure. Client assessment and risk profiles, fraud prevention, identity verification, banking APIs, payment methods, big data & analytics, business intelligence, cybersecurity and electronic signatures.

  • Digital credit. Companies offering credit products trough electronic platforms.

  • Financial solutions for companies. Accounting, billing and financial management software.

  • Personal finance and financial advice. Personal finance management, financial products comparison, financial education, automated consulting and financial planning.

  • Financial markets. Digital services for securities trading, financial instruments and currency trading.

  • Crowdfunding.

  • InsurTech. Applied technology for insurance companies.

  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Blockchain based solutions, intermediaries and digital asset markets.

  • Disruptive financial institutions and neobanks. 100% digital banks and financial entities.

who we are

We seek to transform México into the leading market for FinTech in Latin America.

We offer an open and transparent collaboration space that allows us to enhance FinTech's innovation in México. We use our collective knowledge and best practices to improve financial services for everybody.



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